This is where it’s at: Platinum Palladium Printing with Leica M Monochrom

So for a while now, I’ve been entertaining the idea of printing with Platinum materials. I even purchased an 8×10 view camera so I could have a negative big enough to make it worthwhile. You see, Platinum printing is a contact printing process, so the size of the negative is also the size of the final print. The benefits of platinum printing are that the metals are stable and will essentially last forever…or as long as the paper that its printed on will. Platinum printing also has a wider tonal range than traditional silver metals and leads to very deep blacks and detailed whites. The cons, it’s expensive…but hey, I’d rather print out ten great photos than a billion crappy ones.…but alas, we are in the digital world and I am a digital girl…ummm, well, not really. I saw this video and it made me rethink things a little bit. Check it out:

Awesome! Right? This is what I want to do. Get back to using my hands but instead of shunning technology…embracing it.









Pillow Fight – A Birthday Wish Come True

Jenn dreamt of a pillow fight for her birthday, so we filled a room with her good friends, gave them each a pillow and let the feathers fly.

Music: “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap

Special Thanks to:

– Kahle Community Center

– Bob Grant – South Tahoe High School

Happy International Pillow Fight Day!!! (April 6, 2013)

Pillow Fight – A Birthday Wish Come True from Tim Peare on Vimeo.

Tim Peare Photography – Forum Legacy Slideshow

I originally created this slideshow for a presentation at the Lake Tahoe Digital Photo Institute in South Lake Tahoe summer of 2012. Ian Ruhter and myself were the head presenters. Since then, Forum Snowboards, my employer, has been shut down and has now become a permanent piece of snowboarding history.

The slideshow is comprised of 3 parts: Part I is my first year on Forum during the making of “Forever”. Part II are portraits and lifestyles with many of the people I have had the pleasure to have worked with. Part III is a closing segment with many of my favorite images. Please take a moment to watch the slideshow and reflect on the fleeting nature of the moment now.

*there is only one non Forum image in the entire slideshow, however, that image, is the true launching point of my career. It’s the first action photo in Part III

The quality of the video is less than I would hope for due to the limitations of the slideshow program used, but it was meant to be played directly off my computer in a live venue. It is what it is.

Music in order of appearance:

Moby – “Everloving”

Panda Bear – “Comfort in Nautica”

M83 – “Moonchild”

Tim Peare – The Tahoe Rim Trail – “Freel Peak” – 08/12/2012

Looking North at the backside of Heavenly. Here you can gauge the elevation due to the perspective of looking down onto Heavenly and Monument Peak. The view up here is second to none. It should be noted that the view in this photograph is looking upon the States of California on the left and Nevada on the right.

Hello everyone,

On Sunday August 12, 2011, I found myself hiking through a thunderstorm on the Tahoe Rim Trail on the South Kingsbury to Big Meadow Section. My plan was to summit the highest peak in the basin and camp to watch the annual Perseid Meteor shower. After close to 14 years in Tahoe, you would think that I would have ascended Freel Peak by now, but it just hadn’t happened. There really are no words that could describe the feeling of being up there, all alone and witnessing one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve had the privilege to after living here this long. The view is a full on 360 degree panoramic that is quite overwhelming. In every direction the landscape is fascinating. In the photo above, I aimed my camera north at Monument Peak which is also known as Heavenly just as the sun dipped below the mountains of the west. I stayed until past dark and the clouds were thick. I could see some stars, but from up high, you could see that it was just a sucker hole and I decided to not camp there. Finding my way down with a small headlamp in pitch black conditions was far more challenging than the ascent but after many hours, I made it down safe and sound. I met up with an old friend for a drink and it started to rain heavily and I was thankful that I didn’t stay up there. So, no meteors for me, but I really have a hard time believing that I could have witnessed anything more impressive than the views that Freel could afford during an incredible sunset display.

Freel Peak is the highest point in the Tahoe basin standing at 10,881 feet. From here you can see Hope Valley, Round Top, Kirkwood, Ebbett’s Pass, the Sawtooth Range, Job’s Sister, Job’s, Monument Peak all the way to Mount Rose, The Crystal Range, Mt. Tallac, Rubicon Peak, etc…and all from a perspective that is looking down onto what is normally viewed looking up.

I have a Facebook page that I am keeping up to date on the progress of my Rim Trail project. Feel Free to visit it HERE.

Tim Peare – The Tahoe Rim Trail – “South Lake Tahoe Overlook” – 08/05/2012

Some thunder and lightning woke me up the other night a little past 1 a.m., I decided to get up and see if I could capture some of the strikes. Well, it really played with me and I ended up driving all over in search of a ghost. I set up my Fuji X100 for a test shot. I exposed for 15 minutes and got the following photo. I then set up my RZ67 with Velvia 50 and exposed a frame for 3 hours partly to see what would happen and also because I fell asleep. Either way, long exposures are always interesting and fun to shoot. I’ve always been disappointed with long exposures on digital cameras and stopped doing them altogether. That is, until I examine this X100 file. It’s really clean for a 15 minute exposure, none of the usual hotspots. I’ll have to test for longer but I’m really happy with the way it rendered the file. Click the photos to see them bigger.

Echo Summit Overlook point

Screen shot at 50%

Tim Peare – The Tahoe Rim Trail – “Lake of the Woods” – 08/03/2012

Pyramid Peak basks in the golden sunlight of early morning and reflects into Lake of the Woods as the Moon sets. Fuji X100, cropped to simulate aspect ratio of the Mamiya RZ67.

Hi folks,

I’ve been working non-stop at capturing the images on the Rim Trail, that and research, along with the day to day of my career. As many of you know, the Moon became full on the 2nd of August and I made an attempt to capture the full moon and the sunset together. I am not expecting that much out of those shots, so I turned my attention towards the moonset and sunrise and figured out that the Moon would set behind Pyramid Peak in Desolation Wilderness on the Tahoe Rim Trail at Lake of the Woods. I set my alarm for 1:45 a.m.

I awoke suddenly and my clock said 2:30 a.m…I had overslept, I got myself together quickly and luckily, I had pre-packed and had everything in the car already. I shot up to Echo Lakes and started hiking like a madman in the dark, into Desolation Wilderness. The moon made it so I didn’t need to turn on my headlamp unless I was in thick forested areas. Now, I have never been here before, so I was not sure how long it would take, or what the location would look like. As I started to get closer, based on the trail signs, the Sun’s light began to illuminate everything, pre-sunrise, and the Moon did so as well, resulting in a fantastic quality of light. I chugged along and arrived at Lake of the Woods right before the Sun broke the mountains and spilled its golden light onto Pyramid Peak with its reflection in Lake of the Woods. I was shooting my RZ67 with a 65mm, split grads and a polarizer, firing off shots, bracketing, changing backs, I tried Fuji Velvia 50, Fuji Provia 100F and Fuji Acros, I did not want to blow this opportunity. Everything aligned perfectly. Meanwhile, I also taking snaps with my Fuji X100. I always bring it along and its focal length matches the 6×7 with 65mm nicely.

Behind me, close by, was a couple tents, and if you’ve ever shot with an RZ67, you’d know that the mirror has a distinct and loud slap. I felt bad, but with what was happening in front of me, I literally had no choice but to shoot. After the sun came up fully and the moon set, a camper came out and stood by the lake. He was a real nice guy. Jeff from Marin, he was camping with his two sons and spoke of how he used to shoot and gave it a go at the professional thing back in the day. I was stoked to hear that he was still shooting for fun, Black and White film. I apologized for being noisy and he was kind enough to invite me for breakfast. I didn’t accept because I had a long hike out of there, but his kindness fed my soul, and for that I’m thankful. This is what this project is all about.

Stay tuned for the next adventure.

Tim Peare Photography – The Tahoe Rim Trail

In the summer of 2010, I was camping on the Tahoe Rim Trail by Star Lake with my Wife and two dogs. I had my head sticking out of the tent and was watching the stars shine in the night sky. A shooting star zoomed through the night and with it came an idea to create a collection of Fine Art quality images of the Tahoe Rim Trail. Since then I have been plagued with knee injuries from snowmobile accidents from my Full Time job as a Professional Snowboard Photographer. This summer I have finally began to capture the images that have been haunting me for the past two years.

I have decided to shoot the project entirely on film using Mamiya 7, Mamiya RZ67 and Chamonix 8×10 cameras. The decision to do this was based on two points.

1. To acquire these images, I will be required to spend days out on the Tahoe Rim Trail. Because of this necessity, the energy requirements of these film cameras are minimal to none as opposed to the digital cameras I use in other fields. I wanted to simplify the energy needs.

2. The Process. I want to experience the Tahoe Rim Trail on a personal level and use simple equipment. Film is simple, I want to go out and experience the natural setting without being taken out of the creative process by editing while shooting, which always happens with a digital camera. Shoot, review, shoot review, shoot review, etc…I only want to shoot while I am out there and review when I return back home. If I miss a shot, C’est la vie. I’ll have to return again.

I’ll be making regular updates about this endeavor to its Facebook page. Click the LINK and like it to follow. Thanks in advance!


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