European “Vacation” Movie Tour Part I – USA to Oktoberfest

All I can say is what a trip. We experienced a dizzying myriad of culture, flavor and hospitality. Too much to drink, not enough to eat. There wasn’t much middle ground to speak of, either full throttle rock star partying or nesting on a dark bus traveling through the night. Our hosts/babysitters were Chris Patsch and Verena Bossman-Walchebauer and right from the beginning, they had there hands full. Filmer Martin Potocnik and Writer Joel Muzzey came along for the ride along with The Drunken Masters and shared the ride with Forum Team Manager Kevin Keller and Pro Team Riders: Alek Ostreng, Andreas Wiig, Daniel Ek, Mario Kaeppeli, Stevie Bell and Pat Moore.



Forum TM starting things off right, directly after the world premiere in Huntington Beach, CA

The boys having a good laugh at Keller after checking in at LAX

Pat Moore, International traveler man of mystery

Our plane to Germany

what Nic looks like after being released from the drunk tank...the booze is wearing off.

You gotta have your "neck" pillow for the 10 plus hour flights

Daniel making the rounds in the cabin, visiting Nic and me.

Sunset out the dirty window

Frankfurt Airport, if you travel to Europe, you will end up here

Camel Smoking rooms...This really sums up smoking

Nic catching a quick bite to eat at the gate before Munich. They love the sausage over there.

Stop 1: Munich, Germany

After flying from Los Angeles, California to Frankfurt, Germany, we boarded the “Vacation” tour bus and headed straight for Munich, Germany to attend Oktoberfest. The real deal. You don’t just get into Oktoberfest, reservations have to be made 8 months out, so we were all privileged to just show up and have a table reserved in the tent. Drunk in a tent with all your homies eating chicken and being served liters of beer was all time, Ask Pat Moore. He gets MVP of the night for running away from the festival to downtown Munich black out drunk. haha, good times. My advice to Verena, oh, he’ll be o.k., he’ll catch up with us in Innsbruck.

What a welcome! Chris and Verana showing off their Bavarian flare. (Photo: Keller)

This is where the whole thing falls apart. Notice the beers in hand at the airport.

OG bus crew leaving the airport for Oktoberfest!

Andreas Wiig pre-season training, chain slack lining

these guys get bored quickly

Nic Sauvé, Alek Ostreng, Andreas Wiig & Stevie Bell

Sami Tuoriniemi getting his portrait on

Kevin showing he actually shares lot in common with Mario Kaeppeli

laying eyes on the Oktoberfest fairground

Pat, Chris and Nic taking it all in, a gorgeous day in Munich

Making our way through the drunken crowd.

The Bräurosl Beer tent is where we partied. It has a capacity of 6220 people inside alone.

You need to have the right bracelet to get into the tent, security is tight.

When this guy saw Pat Moore, he pretty much tripped out and then he saw the BIG GUY

Verena was the tour "Mom", here she makes sure that Alek's hair is out of his face

Alek got his hair did

The servers were impressive, 9 liters of beer in heavy glass mugs would be tough for Andreas

......and the beer was fantastic!

Pat sandwiched between 2 liters of Hacker Pschorr

During Oktoberfest over 550,000 chickens get roasted to perfection

This all night, over and over and over...good times!

temptation floated through the tent all night, Kevin makes eye contact

outside smoking and bathroom line

Daniel getting down with the locals

This is the man that made the night happen. It can take up to 8 months to get a reservation at one of the big beer tents. Thank you soooo much!

The camera was getting passed around at this point, Photo: Stevie Bell

Pat performing "Bishop's Knife Trick" from the movie Aliens. Always a good idea at this stage.

There's something about this Bavarian style on the ladies

The BIG GUY was happy with festive atmosphere and the tent size

Pat deep in the spirit of the night doing his patented hands up dance

Nic capturing the moment

Once judgment went out the window, the titty twisting came in

Alek getting ganged up on by everybody

Like a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off

Pat Moore on the table hands up!

Alek, Pat and Andreas and then...

...Andreas elbows Verena in the face...sad face, I'm surprised she wasn't laid out

Frankfurt to Munich for Oktoberfest - 407 km

Up Next: Munich, Germany to Feldkirch, Austria

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