Vacation Premiere comes to Reno, Nevada!

Reno hosted the “Vacation” premiere from Forum Snowboards Friday night at the Freight House District…with the exception of a few minor details, like the movie working, or the security staff giving us a hard time getting in, Forum fans came out in mass and the after party was all time. There was free beer and good times. Jake Welch, Stevie Bell, Cam Pierce and Austen Sweetin came out to support the premiere. This was my first time at the Freight House District and I was impressed with the spot. It’s an outdoor/indoor patio style bar that sits on top of the baseball field. For after party entertainment, Chaotic Fusion took the stage, a DJ/live drummer combo and kept the party moving not the late night hours. There was a large Tahoe presence and the vibes were right on! A big thanks go out to our NorCal Sales Rep Allie Halperin for attending to the details and making it a good time for all. Check the photos below.

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