Monthly Archives: February 2012

Be Great, Powerful Beyond Measure

I’ve been down and out over the past month and a half, in one of my lower moments a good friend sent me a link to bring me up and out of the slums. The thing that I noticed about it though, was everybody else who saw the video was also moved in their own way so I though I would share it with you. It’s not mine, just a repost, but one worth watching. Thanks John!

David Benedek releases Current State

Three years in the making, Current State, a book by legendary snowboarder David Benedek, attempts to dive into the heart of snowboarding through a collection of interviews with influential individuals and a collage of photographs. David interviewed everyone from Jake Burton to Shaun Palmer. I for one am excited, and David hit me up for an image or two, we’ll see if they made the final cut but regardless, I’m happy to have been contacted at all. Check out the video of the making of current state and check the website HERE. I just ordered mine…the book is an extremely limited release, so I would advise you to stop teetering and buy the book now.



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