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European “Vacation” Movie Tour Part VI – Bolzano, Italy to Landgraaf, Netherlands

Bolzano was a party to remember, the Thaifoon was out in full strength and the rain swept through the night. I got in my nest and stayed there until we arrived in Germany to drop off our second driver.

We arrived at Snowworld in Landgraaf and immediately went into party mode. The next morning commenced with snowboarding in the dome and busses upon busses of shredders traveling from all over to come hang with us for our premiere. The dudes shredded all day and when nighttime fell, we went  into full force for one last time, once again with the soundtrack being laid down by the world famous Drunken Masters. The premiere was a major success and the after party went off BIG!

Thanks everyone for your tremendous effort, unbound energy and patience in dealing with us as we made our way through Europe, every Rep and helping hand, each stop was a major success. I would especially like to thank the effort and care of Holger Blomeier, Chris Patsch and Verena Bossmann-Walschebauer. We are forever in your debt. Thank you soo much! It really was the trip of a lifetime.

Bolzano, Italy to Landgraaf, Netherlands - 862 km

Final Leg of our European Vacation

Vacation Premiere comes to Reno, Nevada!

Reno hosted the “Vacation” premiere from Forum Snowboards Friday night at the Freight House District…with the exception of a few minor details, like the movie working, or the security staff giving us a hard time getting in, Forum fans came out in mass and the after party was all time. There was free beer and good times. Jake Welch, Stevie Bell, Cam Pierce and Austen Sweetin came out to support the premiere. This was my first time at the Freight House District and I was impressed with the spot. It’s an outdoor/indoor patio style bar that sits on top of the baseball field. For after party entertainment, Chaotic Fusion took the stage, a DJ/live drummer combo and kept the party moving not the late night hours. There was a large Tahoe presence and the vibes were right on! A big thanks go out to our NorCal Sales Rep Allie Halperin for attending to the details and making it a good time for all. Check the photos below.

European “Vacation” Movie Tour Part V – Marseille, France to Bolzano, Italy

After the bar stopped serving us in Marseille, we stumbled back onto the bus and cruised through the night again waking up in Italy at a rest stop. After I figured out how to use the toilet, there was no seat, I went into the gas station and found things for the first time remarkably easy to pronounce. It was like looking at an Olive Garden menu. We hit the road again and made our way to the beautiful town of Bolzano…or Bozen, what have you. The dudes jumped in the river to shower and Pat and I took off to see the town. The first cable way in the world is here in Bolzano, so we headed over there to find that they don’t take credit cards. This left us with time to wander the streets. After a good 45minute walk and seeing nothing really all that exciting, we ran into Daniel Ek claiming that Bolzano was the dopest town he’s ever been to. Pat and I were puzzled because we didn’t see anything that was really all that cool. He told us that the town was ten minutes in the opposite direction than we had walked. So we headed over and found one of the sickest villages I have ever seen. I hadn’t really eaten on this trip very much and my pants were falling off, so Pat suggested I get a genuine Italian leather belt. Nice call Pat. If you ever get the chance, Bolzano is tight, check it out.

When we got back, it was time for some authentic Italian food, so we went to a sushi restaraunt. I’ll never understand these decisions, either way, it was good. Everyone was lively at dinner and I could tell this was going to be a good night. The kids that showed up for the premiere were über stoked and you could feel the energy building. Out of nowhere, two dj’s took the stage and incited a near riot of sounds and elevated the party to the next level. It was out of control! The two mystery men are the world famous “Drunken Masters” and I am now blessed to have gone to a party spun by them. What follows in the photos are not from me, but from my alter ego, the Thaifoon on one of his most epic nights ever. Thanks you Italy for a taste of the rock star life and a thank you to the Drunken Masters for providing the soundtrack!

Marseille, France to Bolzano, Italy - 804 km

Next Stop: Bolzano, Italy to Landgraaf, The Netherlands

European “Vacation” Movie Tour Part IV – Barcelona, Spain to Marseille, France

After wondering around in the streets of Barcelona for food, unsuccessfully, until 5am, we all finally made it back to the hotel and fell asleep. The next morning, we got on the bus and made the drive to Marseille, France. From previous years, France had left a bad taste in the mouths of the team…especially Nic, and we were’nt expecting any good food or a big turnout at the premiere. When we got to our destination for the evening, which was a small camping site in Carro, we were all pleasantly surprised as the reps took us to the best dinner of the entire trip. It was heaven. The camp we stayed at was rad and overlooked the Mediterranean Sea and the bar stayed open late, bonus! The next morning, we were taken to a spot on the shore that rented Stand Up Paddle Boards and we all ripped around in the water for a couple hours. It was the best! As soon as we got out of the water, some one spotted a large whale and apparently, this befuddled the locals, as it is a sight unseen in those waters. I wonder what it would have been like to be out in the water when the whale surfaced? Probably pure awesomeness.

After we packed up, the bus brought us to the city of Marseille, one of the largest cities in France. It was full of chaotic narrow streets and beautiful architecture. We were dropped off at the world famous Bowl of Marseille and the boys got to skate it all day. It was amazing to be in the same place that Cardiel made history. After skating, we were brought to more skating, the venue had a sick street set up and the guys kept skating into the night.

At first, it appeared that the premiere wasn’t going to be very packed but by the time the Forum Team was introduced stage, the place was filled. I will say it was the mellowest night of all the parties, but by US standards, it was a full on rager! I had fun hanging with PJ Rueda from Fluofun. I don’t know how, after a crap load of beers and a bottle of vodka, you can have a somewhat coherent conversation, but we did. Thanks soooo much for the hospitality, all of us enjoyed the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes that France had to offer. I wish I had more photos of the party but like I said in the last post, my CF card went missing on this very night, and it’s too bad, because Marseille is a beautiful place.

Make sure to watch Martin Potocnik’s video from Marseille at the bottom of the page.

Video by Martin Potocnik

Next stop: Marseille, France to Bolzano, Italy

European “Vacation” Movie Tour Part III – Feldkirch, Austria to Barcelona, Spain

Wow! Austria did it BIG! Thanks to all the people responsible for organizing such an event. The check’s in the mail. So after a wicked bash we boarded the bus and sailed through the night and the next day…and the night…16 plus hours to Barcelona, Spain. We met up with the dudes at Method Magazine who are based there and had an awesome time checking out some famous skate spots, swimming in the seas, walking around the shopping district, checking out a Gaudi church and sent it it Barcelona style at the premiere. I misplaced/lost or got my 32gb card full of images stolen in Marsaille, France…so there aren’t that many party pics. Good thing I had another camera.

The party was extra wild in Barcelona, the funny thing was I was tired and thought I should be “good”, so after I shot the photos I needed at the premiere, I was gonna go back to the hotel and be “responsible”. I told Stevie and Keller and they were cool with it, then I told Verena, and she was like no way! your in Barcelona…not quite convincing enough, so I started to leave and got to the top of the stairs and felt bad that I hadn’t said goodbye to everyone else, so I went back down and ran into Andreas. Right as I was going to tell him that I was going to leave, he looked at me and said “isn’t this great, we get paid to travel around and have an awesome time”…at that, I shut off the idea of getting rest and gave the party my 150% undivided attention. We sent it that night, and for the rest of the stops…I never thought about being a pussy again.

Fledkirch, Austria to Barcelona, Spain - 1,184 km

Up Next: Barcelona, Spain to Marseilles, France


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